Sunday, June 26, 2016

GCAM16 - See Ya Real Soon!!

My first blog post was about Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2015 and here I am now, a year later preparing to race in Gold Coast 2016

This would be my 5th marathon proper (excluding a run under influence race lol.. don't ask), lots has changed since I took my first step. Over the 3+ years of running I've been improving and scored a personal best (PB) for the past 4 races, not bad huh? Deep down in me I wish for the streak to continue for a 5th PB in a row, but it would be no easy task this time.

Few #nonamesmentioned (you know who you are) had been telling me with my current fitness level drastically improved, it wouldn't be a problem to continue with another PB. I hope they are right... Well things aren't always straight forward... the fact is I have not been very focus on a marathon training. I strayed away from running for a bit into cycling since Kyoto Marathon (Race Report) and raced in 5 separate events between March and May missing a few key long weekend runs. You may think the crossed training in cycling would help my running.. maybe... but truth is there is no short cut in running unless you are talented which I'm not, missing key runs means PB slipping away bit by bit.

On top of that (drama), both my calves kind of froze up in the early June simulation run planned for 32km but had to cut short to 21km, giving a big blow in the confidence department. Since then, the whole month of June hasn't been very kind to me, and as if finishing a marathon is not challenging enough, it decided to flared up my left plantar fasciitis considerably, forcing me to switch two gears down on my training and I'm still nursing my left leg. That said, I'm not complaining or banging my fist on the table as I know, I will still be toeing the start line in a week time with my head held high and will not be forced to downgrade my race to 21km or a DNS.

With days left before raceday, I am doubtful my left leg will be 100% fit. Running a race without my body 100% with me would be like hanging on to a battered machine, one can only hope everything will held up nicely  during the race and give myself a best shot with whatever may come. Experience counts I hoped and I have not forgotten the electrifying atmosphere of GCAM for the past 2 years. The support and cheers from the locals and kids in their pajamas giving me countless high fives will definitely be my source of motivation and power me to the finishing line.

Ready or not, I am looking forward and will once again enjoy the race which brought me ample sweet memories. Wish me luck!! Remember to cheer for Ah Onz!!

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2016, I'll see ya in 6 days time mate!!

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