Sunday, May 7, 2017

Product Review - Nike Zoom Streak LT3

A pure speedster... FAST!!

I would normally ran a considerably amount of distance with the shoes before I put my opinion on the shoes, but for obvious reason this is an exception. I just can't run this for my usual workout session unless is on the track, but I did it once on a 5km time trial training.

Just in case you are not familiar with the shoes, this is Nike's racing flat, its born to race, it is meant to win races. I know I know the hype these days is on the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite wore by Eliud Kipchoge in the attempt of #breaking2, and I talking Zoom Streak LT3? But let's face it what are the chances of you or in this case me get to run in the Vaporfly? See my point yet? So this Streak LT3 is still very relevant to an average Joe like me

Honestly, I don't have any experience with racing flats, my racing pace is pretty average and most often than not I really don't need a racing flats, but this beast changed my view. With a 4mm drop from a stack height of 22mm heel and 18mm forefoot, weighing-in just a mere 5.3 oz for half a pair of the US size 9, this is as light as you can get without sacrificing durability. The upper is constructed using a layer of soft engineered mesh, however the upper layer is a lot thinner than any of Nike's shoes range like the Flyknit shaving off fats. The upper has no visible frame structure except for the heel counter which is slightly padded with an angle towards the heel/archilles . I suspect this is designed as such to help locked down your feel along with the mid foot area through the laces. Material used for the upper is slightly stretchy with large cutout pores at the forefoot area for breathability. I have not experience any stitch or material rubbing even with the angled heel counter, the upper is very comfortable. The shoe is narrow, if you are buying through online (which you probably would if you are from this part of the world) I suggest to up-size to half a size. I'm a US 9- 9.5 with wide forefoot and my pair is a US size 10 just a reference

As to most of the racing flats, the insole is non-removable, so be sure to wash it diligently after your sweaty workout before it turns stinky. Midsole tech, a layer of full-length midsole foam with the Zoom Air tech placed at the heel section provides responsive ride. As for the outsole, sticky hard rubber are placed mainly at high wear rate area around the forefoot and the heel area for durability and extra traction. The forefoot area has a visible curve up from the ball to the toe area promoting forefoot stride and a feeling of forward propulsion with an aggressive cutout from the midfoot area towards the narrow heel.

LT3 has a firm and responsive ride with a lot of ground feedback that really works on your calves, so be sure to work on your calves before you run hard in the LT3. I kid you not as my workout routine are mainly on trainers, I would usually run on the Adidas Adios Boost for a couple of sessions to slowly works towards LT3 for races. It comes alive when you run hard and fast, the toe off is effortless and obvious stride by stride. I wore it for a 5km time trial training session and 2 short races and I aced it every time except for a 10km hilly run which my lungs couldn't keep up lol.

What I like about the shoes... is fast, it is light, it looks really good aesthetically and it makes my 2 no names mentioned friends jealous as they could not run the LT3 being an ambassador with a competitor sports brand. Can't comment much on the price point as I gotten my pair from Japan while I was traveling there for slightly under RM300, but it was a steal to me

What I don't like about the shoes...crap I can't run this on my regular training sessions..but in honestly this is a racing shoes and is not meant to run as your day in day out work horse. So if you are looking for a pair of do-it-all shoes.. this is not. Is for racing and speed work session


  1. But why not? I use my racing flats as a daily run shoe sometimes ... hahaha!

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Product Review - Nike Zoom Streak LT3

A pure speedster... FAST!! I would normally ran a considerably amount of distance with the shoes before I put my opinion on the shoes, but...