Sunday, August 9, 2015

Clash of the Titans?... Hmm maybe

Is been 6 weeks from the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2015 race, if you have read my race report (here) I have since retired my PR shoes into my walking shoes. With Vietnam Mountain Marathon coming in end of September I should really be focusing on elevation training and doing lots of running in the trail, but instead I have been searching... searching for my next road PR race shoes.. LOL

What's in my arsenal of road shoes right now includes the highly raved about New Balance Zante and the Adidas Adios Boost (Japan version). Both are very fast shoes but unfortunately my legs are not strong enough to carry them to a full Marathon distance.. So what options do I have?

Back in early May, I bought a pair of Nike Lunar Tempo (my guest post on and have since been training on the pair for #GCAM15 until late June when I decided to switch back to Asics. Not that the shoe is not a legit pair for Marathon race just that I have not gain enough confidence in it with slightly over a month plus of running with the pair.

Then came along the Asics Gel Super J-33, this is not a new release from the Japanese shoe maker but one that received some good reviews, one that did not make it to our shore. I bought this pair from Gold Coast during my July Marathon outing in Australia for a very good jaw-dropping price. I will be writing a review on the shoes shortly, but I have not done enough mileage at the moment to write about it, but it gave me a very positive first impression.

It would look like one of this pair will make it to my next Marathon, then again I read some very good reviews on the Saucony Kinvara 6 from 3 of the no names mentioned I have been training with and will be giving it a try once my wife approves my visa to buying more shoes hahah
Faced off between Lunar Tempo and Super J-33

In reality like it or not, there is no such thing as PR shoes. Give me the Zante and Boost which made it to many record books does not automatically make me a fast record breaking runner. That said, PR shoes are made by one self and not by the shoe maker. Yes I agree, a good pair of shoes is important to prevent injury but finding a good pair to suit my training/race demand is not exactly a formula that I can apply to.  To say the least,  training and race preparation are fundamental to a good race time and I will keep trying new things to produce my next pair of PR shoes :). At the moment is between the Nike Lunar Tempo and the Asics Gel Super J-33


  1. Am I the first? 😂 I agree, a shoe is only as good as the runner but it sure does help a lot. I'll be forever on a quest to find my PR shoe, at least that's my excuse to buy more shoes.. Hahaha!


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