Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pre-Race Jitter #GCAM15

About a year ago this time, I was preparing for my first marathon (yes virgin.. mind you, I have not been running that long) in Gold Coast. I must admit, I'm very lucky that my first marathon was an overseas race, with nothing much to expect but to finish my first race; but along the way I brought back a sub 5 hours finishing time in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014. Oh ya, I also ran Southern Cross University 10 km race with my wife on Saturday before the Sunday race proper making it an ultra running weekend. There is so much I can talk about 2014 race in Gold Coast, so much so it deserves a separate post, a throwback post maybe LOL!

Today, with 2 additional major race (a marathon and a triathlon) under my running resume, the emotional side of running the Gold Coast Airport Marathon for me has not changed one bit...Nervous!! With months of training time put in with the usual suspects, we have pretty much throw in everything we know about training from interval, tempo, hill repeats to LSD, but question remain .. is it enough? With tapering week, the feeling is never at peace, should I go out and steal some mileage? should I start doing some strength training or should I just go for a short run? or may be doing a few kilometers of bike would help? What about swimming?  Damit..wake up!! you know very well that none of these last minute training will help in shaping a better race timing. It is what it is; good, bad, ugly you have done (or not done) enough training for the race. But how can you blame me for being nervous? after all I'm revisiting the race where I popped my cherry LOL

That said, since I have tested all my race gears, I better start packing and go though the race gear check list before the dramas start. Here's to wishing my #GCAM15 fellow runners all the very best on their run, bring back that PR that you have been chasing for. To a #nonamesmentioned, I pray and pray and pray that your injury will heal in time not just for the 10k but for the big race too and to the other one, #FTT.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world :-) Ya, I'm praying hard for that #nonamesmentioned fellow to have a miracle happen to him with his injury. Go get that PR!

  2. noooooooooooooooooooo i wanted to be the first to comment! :(
    *trips Nick*

  3. happy running #NoNamesMentioned


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